Sharing My Mom’s First Reveal!

My mom decided to jump head first into a furniture refinishing business after visiting me and seeing a couple of my projects.  I must say that she has done a beautiful job so far!  She has gotten some awesome pieces and her vision has me eaten my doubting words!!

I hope she gets these first ones sold and Southscape Designs becomes a huge success!!  Please check out her start up blog and see her first reveal!

I’m very proud of her!

My First…

Blog post that is.  Its a shocker really that its actually happening.  You see ideas like this usually float around in my head for a very long time while I worry about all that can go wrong and I usually talk myself out of doing it.  How long has it taken me to take this plunge?  A year and a couple of months.  I know, that’s a very long time to mull something over.  You see there’s another first.  The same year and a couple of months ago my husband and I bought our first house.  A very cute and very small (857 square feet to be exact) cottage.  It was built in 1957 and while the shag carpeting and pink tile are gone (thank you previous owners), we are still left with rooms that hardly fit modern sized furniture and closets that can’t contain the wardrobe of a three year old.

While I LOVE my little cottage and could be perfectly content with its present condition for the rest of my years, I do have a wish list a mile long.  I have a strong desire to turn this little cottage of mine into our home with our tastes and have I mentioned our very strict budget??  Even though my taste takes me to the swankiest boutiques in the Hampton’s its flea markets and garage sales that I’m dreaming about these days.

I hope you enjoy stopping by now and again and see the goings on of our little life.  We welcome you anytime!