The user manual and how to effectively store the wet-dry shop vacuum

In recent years, along with the development of society, people are busier with life, vacuum cleaners have become an essential item for every family. It replaces items such as brooms, mops, … and dominates in cleaning all interior designs of the family: wooden floors, carpets, small nooks, cars … Therefore, the number of people using this household appliance is increasing more and more. In the previous article, we have learned together with some tips for using the most effective wet-dry shop vacuum. In today’s article, we will learn together some practical ways to use the wet-dry shop vacuum and the best ways to preserve it.

Some ways to use a vacuum cleaner effectively

  • Do not overfill the bag

Dust bag (storage compartment) as a standard type of garbage box comes with the machine so that the dirt is vacuumed in and put in here. It would help if you emptied garbage and trash from this bag regularly, avoid cases where the bag is too full, which affects the vacuuming process of the machine.

It would be best if you emptied the trash immediately after each use. Or during the cleaning process of the house, if you see the bag is full of about ⅔, you should stop and take out the trash right away!

  • Do not use the device for too long

The wet-dry shop vacuum is also an electrical device, so if you use it too long, it will heat the engine and heat it. During use, you should put the nozzle in direct contact and close to the dirt to work the machine productively. Besides, you should rest for 15 minutes after using 30-45 minutes to improve the average life of the device. The extended use time will affect the productivity of the equipment later.

  • Use care in vacuuming the carpet

Please check if your home appliance is a specialized machine for carpets. Be careful in cleaning the carpet or, if possible, you do not clean the carpet to avoid being torn or damaged carpet.

Steps to clean the wet-dry shop vacuum quickly at home

If you want to use the vacuum cleaner more effectively, the cleaning is essential, but nobody knows how to properly clean. Here are five practical ways to clean your home vacuum cleaner. Stay tuned!

  • Step 1: Check the outside of the device

First, to clean the machine, you need to check all the outside of the machine. Please check if there is any distortion in the process of using the device. Besides, please check whether the pipe is cracked or broken, check whether the dust contact surface has lost any air. These are necessary tests to help you determine the status of your wet-dry shop vacuum. Be sure to thoroughly check all parts, including the accompanying elements of the cheeks!

  • Step 2: Consider filter bags or filters

The filter bag is stored inside, right inside the device. To test this part, you need to remove the filter bag inside the body box of the machine. You should look carefully to see if the filter bag is punctured or torn; the filter bag is full of dirt attached to the membrane bag. If the container is torn, punctured, then replace the new filter bag! If you have not included a filter bag, you can buy it at electronics stores across the country. And the average filter replacement time is from 0-3 months for each cheek!

  • Step 3: Clean the roll brush

The brush is the part that comes in direct contact with the dirt when it comes in. Therefore, it would help if you cleaned them regularly to avoid much dirt sticking to the surface that your wet-dry shop vacuum does not fully exploit the features of it. It would be best if you cleaned immediately after each use with a dry towel wipe directly on the surface of the brush roll. In case the rolled brush is stuck or stuck on something, you should take it out quickly and clean it!

  • Step 4: Check the dust bag or dust container

The dust container is also an internal part of the body and is located right next to the filter bag. During use, you should not overload dust bags. If possible, you dispose of in the dust container after each use and clean with a clean, dry towel. It would help if you did not fill the bag full of dust before cleaning causes clogging, harmful to the machine.

  • Step 5: Check the straws

The suction hose is a crucial part connecting the engine with direct suction. You should also check the straw regularly because the process of using straws can crack, break, so air does not push up the straw well and interfere with vacuuming. You should also screw the nozzle regularly each time to use to ensure its certainty. During using, if there is a phenomenon of a gas leak, your straw is having a big problem.

In conclusion

Above is all the information about the user manual and how to effectively store the best wet-dry shop vacuum. Your device will work more efficiently and will last longer. Apply these methods today and share a lot with the people around you! Hopefully, they will help you in your work as well as daily life.

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