Types of hex keys

Have you ever encountered the problem in which your vehicle was broken down on the road? And how do you solve it? Do you use hex key kits? The hex key is also known as the Allen wrench set as one of the most popular and necessary tools in the repair vehicles, such as bicycles or cars.

On the market today, There are many different types of hex keys with full size and style. That makes it very confusing for people to choose the right type for their work and needs. Understanding that concern, in this article, I will present some of the most popular hex keys for you to know and help you easily select the best allen wrench set . Are you curious about what they are? I won’t make you wait any longer. Please follow the information below!

Hex Key with L shape

Hex Key with L-shaped design is the most basic and classic style that you can easily buy in any store without having to worry about the shortage or not selling this type of product. Moreover, This type of hex key has many benefits. For example, the L-shaped hex key not only gives you access to tight spaces and out of sight, but it also provides leverage when you need it. However, this type of hex key is quite many sizes that make it difficult for many people to choose from. As my suggestion, you should buy a size range from 1.5mm to 10mm which is suitable for most needs

Besides, If you are new, you should use this type of L shape. Because they are quite easy to use and manipulate. However, many users have commented that this type of L shape, when used for a long time without rest, will cause your hand pain. Therefore, you should rest if you feel tired.

Hex key with T-shaped handle

hex key with t shaped handle
hex key with t shaped handle

The next hex key I would like to mention is the hex key with a T-shaped handle. This is the hex key that is commonly used in bicycle repair at bicycle races. As its name suggests, the T handle acts as a balanced weight to help you quickly turn the spanner, while also providing enough leverage for normal use.

You still do not understand the application of it, right? Specifically, you can use this type of hex key in some bike positions. For example, It is used in the adjustment and control of the bicycle hand brake before the race begins. And this set is also used for adjusting the handle and pedals of the bike. It keeps these parts become tight and not loose. If these parts become loose or fall off, it will cause danger to motorists. With such outstanding benefits, they have quickly become a popular choice for many mechanics to handle failures in professional mountain bike competitions.

However, the price of this type is quite expensive about $ 20. Therefore, if you do not have a lot of finance, you should choose other hex keys.

 Hex key with P-shaped handle

hex key with p shaped handle
hex key with p shaped handle

The hex key I would like to recommend is the Allen wrench that combines a T-shaped and an L-shaped pattern.

Therefore, it has all the outstanding features of the two types above. For example, it provides quite good leverage like that of the L type. Besides, it also has the same speed as when using a hex key with a T handle.

Its next plus point is that the handle is made of high-quality plastic material that won’t hurt your hands after a long time like when using the L shape. If you like this two-in-one product, get ready immediately. You can purchase them from anywhere in the tool store. However, its price is much more expensive than the T-handle. Please consider carefully before buying it.

Hex key with three ways

hex key with three ways
hex key with three ways

Looking at the name of this type, I think that you can guess the use of it. This type of tool has a very special look. Manufacturers have combined three sizes of wrench that are commonly used in a product. The three commonly seen sizes are 4.5, and 6mm. Most bikes can be built with just one tool.

However, the tool’s triangular shape and fairly short length cause many problems while applying it. For instance, when you want to reach hidden places, it certainly can’t do it. Besides, if you require to disassemble screws of small or larger size, it is not possible to use this type.



Next, I want to mention is the Ratchet type. This type has many different sizes and extremely diverse. It is best used in the case of replacing bicycle bits that keep the tool profile thin and shallow. Moreover, a ratchet provides significant speed benefits when use, the bits of this ratchet can also be used in an electric drill. But it will require exchanging between different sized bits.

Besides, it is also suitable for placement in tasks such as replacing bolts for fans or repetitive processes. However, you must make sure that you know how to use it to achieve the expected results.


screwdriver style
screwdriver style

The last hex key I want to mention is Screwdriver-style that equipped with a handle made of rubber or soft plastic network. So, The screwdriver hex key set will bring a comfortable feeling to use. And It is commonly used for low torque and tight clearance needs.

In conclusion

I have shown in some kind of hex key which is commonly used today. They are L-shaped, T, P or Ratchet handles, Three-way and lastly is Screwdriver-style. I hope the knowledge and information I provided is helpful for you in choosing the best hex key.

However, there are many fake and counterfeit products on the market. You should purchase at reputable facilities where many people know to ensure the quality of the product. Finally, thanks for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day.

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